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Thursday, October 16, 2014

On Conversion and Whoopie Pies

On Conversion and Whoopie Pies

Over the course of several years, I have experienced a conversion in both some of my political ideals and my religious views.  And I also have resumed my pursuit of a bakery/cafe. 

Still a left-leaning, no.  A God leaning liberal.  I have become somewhat passionate about pro-life issues, where a few years ago, I avoided them like the Ebola virus.  My passion includes all aspects of life...physician assisted suicide, abortion, and death penalty.  I have come, after years of prayer and study, that all life is sacred.  That all life is subject to Natural Law and deserves to exist from conception to natural death.  

My ideas of what being open-minded has also changed quite a bit.  The idea that everything is ok, as long as it effects no one else has taken an interesting new twist for me.  There is one truth, everyone doesn't have a different truth that is so subjective as to be non-existent.  Again, I blame this on my active prayer life and maturing in God.  

I have in this time, gained a new respect for my God given talent in the culinary realm.  I am a gifted cook/baker.  I have finally come to own that fact.  Using this blog as a showcase for that talent is something I look forward to.  

So, in a nutshell; I'm back and ready to shake or stir things up a bit.  Welcome and hold on to your hat!

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