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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hand To The Ear

Today's gripe is regarding cell phones. I don't own a cell phone and have no intention of "correcting" that "lack" in my life.

The observations of the uncellphoned are interesting as there are so few of us. I have a few petty grievances regarding the issue, but my main gripe is a social one.

People drive their cars attached to a telephone, walk through the parks attached to cell phones, they even navigate busy grocery stores with one hand on their cart and one with their cell phones to their ears.

I have come to the conclusion that part of the reason, at least, is the fact that those who are unable to go anywhere not connected to a cell phone are at least partially socially inept.

The cell phone keeps you from having to interact with the human beings around you. it's an effective tool for those who are uncomfortable with people. It's also an incredibly rude tool. It keeps the person with who has it attached to his/her head from interacting with real live people in front of them. It minimizes and is insulting to the person that real live thoughtful attention should be directed at.

I honestly do not want to hear any one's cell phone conversation. I don't. I don't care who they are talking to or what they are talking about. I don't like being trapped into listening to personal conversations or even arguments when standing in line.

Before the advent of the cell phone, there weren't long lines at pay phones. What is so urgent that it can't wait until you are in the privacy of your (preferably parked) car? We survived and lived perfectly efficient lives before this invention.

I'm not advocating the loss of cell phones. I am advocating that the cell phones be used as any other phone is used. In private places where your attention divided isn't endangering me and my family and where I don't have to hear your personal conversations.

So, give us non-cell phone users a bit of consideration, and your fellow world traveller. Turn the damn things off at stores, theaters, meetings and doctor's offices and give some attention and consideration to the real life people standing next to you.